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3 Tips in Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It's the new year and people set big fitness goals with hopes of reaching them. And when it comes to reaching fitness goals, it is SO very important to do a few things beforehand. Without doing these things you will be like the majority who does that one thing. And that very thing is - they don't truly set goals, but they do keep on' dreamin'! Below are 3 tips we recommend you do before attacking those fitness goals for 2020!

1. Create a vision

A goal without a vision is like trying to shoot a target blindfolded. If you can't see it, you most likely wont hit it! Do you want to be leaner? Build more muscle? Wear a fitted shirt with your biceps popping out? Wear a bikini confidently this summer? Whatever aesthetic goal it is, it is important to see it clearly. You'll know your vision is clear enough when you envision it daily and are able to visualize exactly what you will feel and look like as a result of reaching that goal. If you don't get excited when you close your eyes and envision yourself at that point in time, then the vision isn't clear enough.


Close your eyes for 5-10 minutes and focus on what your fitness goal is. Once you have truly visualized it & it motivates you to get after it, you then visualize that same image every morning before you start your day and every night before you fall asleep. The more you see it, the more excited you get about it, the more likely you are to achieve it!

2. Set A Realistic Goal Date

Now that you know your vision, you now have to set a date of which you will reach this fitness goal! And it needs to be realistic. Realistically, you can drop 1/2 of a pound - 2 pounds of body fat in a week. If your goal is to build muscle, men can build 1/2 of a pound a week and women can build 1/4 of a pound a week.


Get a piece of paper out, write out a goal date you would like to reach your fitness goal by. And tape it somewhere that you will see it often!

3. Create a Program

A well thought out training program has to be something you can adhere to, but more importantly, it needs to be created in such a way that is specific to your fitness goals. If your goal is fat loss, your training program will need to look drastically different from a program catered to building muscle. Both have different intensities!


For fat loss, aim to do 30 minutes of cardio 3-5X a week and do total body weight training circuits 2-4X a week with minimal rest periods.

Fat muscle building, aim to do isolated weight training workouts 4-6X a week.

If you don't know how to create a training program, work with one of our personal trainers who will create one for you and hold you accountable. Or, join our group training classes to build a community, be held accountable, and be pushed in reaching your fitness goals!

So when it comes to reaching your goals, make sure you have a vision, set a realistic time frame of which you reach this goal, and create a specific program that really works! If you struggle with accountability & not knowing what to do with nutrition and coaching, go ahead and click the link below to contact one of us here at our gym Evolve Athletics and we will help you set up a plan to help you reach your fitness & health goals!

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