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Male Gym Member Transformation


Gym owner Kevin Fox sought out to prove to his clients that if he intentionally gained weight that he could lose what he gained and more with Evolve's fitness & sustainable nutrition programming. In 12 weeks he lost 17 lbs of bodyfat and added inches to his chest, biceps, and quads

Female Gym Member Fat Loss Transformation


"The trainers at Evolve are so supportive and the group classes are fun to hold you accountable . I love how the nutrition aspect teaches you to not give up your favorite foods but to learn how to have it in moderation for the long term. I lost 10lbs in 6 weeks and am loving these results!"

Female Gym Member Fat Loss Transformation


When I first came to Evolve Athletics I had been the heaviest I had ever been and had been wanting to lose weight for 8 years. Christine & Kevin motivated me, held me accoutable, and pushed me. I love LOVE the group training classes and feel so strong and confident because of them. And now, I've lost 30 lbs and I feel like a fit, powerful, sexy mama and wife! Thanks Kevin & Christine!

Male Gym Member Fat Loss Transformation


For the past 6 months I have been apart of the Evolve family and I have boosted my energy and improved my eating habits. With Evolve's unique coaching method, you will enjoy working out while getting healthier. Small group sessions are ideal because you get personalized assistance! 

Female Gym Member Transformation


Daisy came to us at 196lbs and had tried every diet, online programs, and gyms in her area. After her first 4 weeks with us she dropped massive weight without crazy low carb diets, or hours of cardio. Today, she is 41lbs down and takes pride in being the fitter and healthier version of herself!

Male Gym Member Fat Loss Transformation


Because of Evolve I have gained muscle, overcome emotional eating behaviors, learned true food freedom, and have lost 12lbs. I feel so strong and the best i have ever felt!

Female Gym Member Transformation


It's so crazy. When I look in the mirror I feel like it's not me but a glimpse of the old me and I feel beautiful. Even my family barely recognizes me because of how much weight I lost with Evolve. I can't thank you guys enough. Before I worried about slipping into my old ways but now I can't imagine going back! It's truly a lifestyle change.

Female Fat Loss Transformation


Because of Evolve I have gained muscle, overcome emotional eating behaviors, learned true food freedom, and have lost 12lbs. I feel so strong and the best i have ever felt!

Female Gym Member Muscle Transformation


"Thank you to Evolve for being a great support! Your motivation and knowledge is beyond compare. Every drop of sweat was worth it and I love how my body has transformed with strength training."

Female Gym Member Transformation


Co-owner of Evolve has struggled with a slow metabolism from years of fitness competitions and modeling. To correct it, she intentionally gained weight through reverse dieting and repaired her metabolism and got back to her goal weight in a sustainable way!

Female Gym Member Transformation


They have motivated me, inspired me, and reassured me it could be done. I followed their instructions and I am so happy with the results and I have overcome my food addictions! Christine is a great coach and I am blessed to have joined the team! 

Female Gym Member Before and After


This is seriously the best gym I have ever trained at! I have done personal training, WW, crossfit, nutrition programs, etc. This is the one gym that combines food, fitness, and accountability into a single program with the best professional and encouraging trainers in the world! The whole team goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable all while challenging you!

Male Gym Member Fat Loss Transformation


"Evolve has made it fun to go hard in my workouts and I love the community aspect with group classes. In 8 weeks I have dropped 10 lbs and since I have started I have lost 25lbs! Their plan is entirely sustainable and I am loving my lifestyle!"

Male Gym Member Body Transformation


Evolve has been amazing! I lost 20lbs in 6 months and gained a ton of muscle. I did it because I wanted to feel better and healthier. They provided me a personalized plan that was easy to follow and offered accountability and nutrition too! I feel great now! I have more energy, better sleep, and im more confident. Im so happy that I chose Evolve as my gym and would recommend it to anyone looking to make changes.

Gym Member Female Fat Loss Transformation


After 4 weeks of their programming I feel the best I've ever felt! I felt huge before and now I feel PROUD! THANK YOU!

Female Gym Member Weight Loss Transformation Before and After


OH believe me. These guys gave me confidence back and I won't let go! I have dropped 15+ lbs and I can't wait to keep going!

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