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When it comes to your nutrition it should be customized, convenient,  and sustainable for your health goals. That's why we offer a personal nutrition coach who will work with you on your individual goals and empower you along your journey to EVOLVING into a fitter, leaner, and stronger version of yourself.


Our goal is to provide you evidence based simple, guidance and resources when it comes to fueling your body so you can perform optimally​ for your workouts, and for your life. The last thing we want is for our members to feel as though they are in the "dark" when it comes to how they should fuel their body for their goals. Since this, we provide each member with a complimentary nutrition and accountability coach who will provide personalized advice to help you lose weight, build muscle, tone up, gain weight, increase athletic performance, overcome emotional eating behaviors, or simply educate yourself on general nutrition.


Upon signing up for membership with us, we will set you up on a nutrition consultation with your nutrition coach. During your appointment you will be prompted to answer a series of questions - that way we can get in depth understanding of your history, goals, background, setbacks, your relationship with nutrition, your current dietary style, and to discuss a protocol for you to reach your goals. 


After your appointment with your nutrition and accountability coach, you will have a clear understanding of your goals, a nutrition protocol, and a defined plan to hold you accountable during your time with us at Evolve. You can expect to submit progress pictures, measurements, and other forms of data to track progress with your coach on your way towards your goals. Anytime you feel stuck, you are guaranteed a coach who will set up a call with you for a breakthrough session and to encourage you to keep going!


At Evolve Athletics we work hard in ensuring we provide the best service to our members. Since this, we understand most individuals struggle to know what to eat or how to eat to reach their goals. This is why having a nutrition coach is crucial, but we also enroll all of our members in our engaging online nutrition programs. Based on the answers you provide during your nutrition consultation with your coach, they will know which of our two programs you will need to be enrolled in. Our two nutrition programs are called Lean For Life and Tracking Macros. Lean For Life is our online course that teaches practical and sustainable nutrition skillsets with the goal of evolving into a leaner individual over time by developing healthier habits. Our Tracking Macros program is for clients who are more advanced and want customized calories and macros to reach their strength and fatloss goals. 


Other ways we extend our services to our members is by providing other resources such as a library of healthy cooking tutorial videos, an ebook of over 100+ healthy recipes, example of meal plans for your goals, a grocery list, meal prep guides, and more

Incentive Based Accountability Reward System

To top it all that you get when you join our family, we also offer guaranteed money back when you adhere to the protocol you and your coach agreed upon! Clients who do this don't just win FAST cash back but they also reach their goals! 

Female Gym Member Full Body Transformation - Great Falls, Va

"The team at Evolve goes above and beyond to work with you towards your goals and I am at the lowest, healthiest I have been in years! They work with you on your goals, a nutrition plan, and will hold you accountable! Im excited to keep going and to get stronger."

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