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Transform You Body.

Transform Your Health.

Transform Your Life.


Evolve, or remain the same.

Small group

Small Group Fitness Classes - Sterling,VA

Engage in resistance training workouts tailored to get you strong. Our certified trainers will push you beyond your limits, cultivating strength, muscle definition, and functional fitness.

large group

Large Group Fitness Classes - Sterling, Va.jpg

Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of our large group classes and watch the calories melt away as you push your limits and transform your body.


Boxing Classes - Sterling, Va

Discover a new level of confidence, discipline, and resilience when you join our boxing classes and embrace the warrior within you!

The BEST Group Fitness Classes

✅ Exclusivity! Train in a class of that motivates you and inspires you to push towards your goals!

✅ Strength training & conditioning focused so you can get strong, develop a faster metabolism, & achieve a leaner body composition!

✅ Work with our certified personal trainers who will correct your form and provide modifications for all training levels!

✅ Improvements on your cardiovascular endurance, core strength, & flexibility! 

✅ Variable programming so every 4 weeks you can expect a new program to challenge your body towards your goals!

✅ Individualized nutrition coaching & accountability included!

Gym Member Full Body Transformation - Ashburn, Va
Gym Member Full Body Transformation - Ashburn, Va



How long are all of your group fitness classes? 

Our classes are 60 minutes long! We start with a quick warm up, core work, power, and then we crush our circuits & always finish with a conditioning finisher!

How many people are allowed in each class?

-Small Group Strength Training: 8 people max

-Large Group Conditioning Classes: 20 people max

-Boxing Classes: 8 people max

What is the group class schedule?

Small Group Strength Training Schedule:

Monday - Thursday: 6a/7a/8a/9a/4:30p/5:30p 

Friday: 6a/7a/8a/9a

Saturday: 7:30a/8:30a


Large Group Conditioning Schedule:

Monday - Friday: 5:30a/9:30a/12p/4:30p/5:30p/6:30p

Saturday: 8a/9a

Group Boxing Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 5:30p/6:30p

Saturday: 8a/9a

Is there a contract or is it month to month?

We offer both! You can choose to do month to month, or if you know you have 20+ pounds to lose then we recommend doing a contract to save money and commit to your goals!

Do you provide modifications for beginners or anyone with injuries?

Yes we do! Every member that starts up with us must do a movement assessment before starting classes. That way, we can pass on our notes to our trainers to keep you safe and to provide the best experience for you and your goals!

What do I get? 

Upon signing up, you get variable group fitness classes, individualized & customized nutrition coaching with recipe ebooks/educational courses/personalized nutrition coach, & weekly accountability with checkins and progress pictures/weigh ins. 

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