This 4 Week Standardized Training Program is perfect for you if you are a beginner. You can do this program at the gym or at home and all you will need is your body to perform the program! These workouts last 25-35 minutes and is great to strengthen your entire body and tone your muscles in 4 weeks time! 


After this program you will be ready to begin adding light dumbbell work to your next 4 Week Standardized Training program with us! 


All of our training programs incorporate 6 days of training days - however you can choose to do however many days as you'd like! We do recommend training at least 5-6 days for the best results. 


Comes With:

-Our FREE app for you to download where you will see your program

-4 Week Standardized Training Program

-Exercise form tutorial videos 

-Weekly Schedule 

-25 minute Conditioning & Strength Workouts 

-Equipment required: Bodyweight & Yogamat 


After purchase, you will receive an email within the same day with your link to get started on your fitness journey! 

4 Week Beginner Standardized Program