Warrior Mindset

"Keep going! Don't quit, it's ALL IN YOUR HEAD!" I was gasping for air like a fish out of water and my marines special forces dad was drilling me to not give up on what felt like an eternity of a 2 mile run. I was an impressionable 16 year old and I desperately wanted to impress my favorite person in the world, but more importantly I wanted to, as he quoted, to "beat myself." As we reached the last quarter of the mile, he did everything he could to prove to me that I was stronger than my mind that wanted to give up. He pulled me by my shirt to keep up with him. He tapped my forehead with his finger as we ran and said it was all in my head. He yelled, "BEAT ME!" I remember the sweat, the heat that engulfed my ever being that made me want to puke, and I remember thinking I can't do this fitness stuff, it's not for me. But the last few minutes we sprinted & internally I cried like a baby. When it was over he applauded me for my persistence and for not giving up on myself even in the moments that giving up was all I desired for. As he cheerfully applauded me I walked away angrily because he wouldn't let me quit. I swore I'd never do it again - but I guess I was wrong.

That was 2006.

Present day it's 2020, and "that fitness stuff" that was too tough, is the stuff I do on a daily basis. Some workouts are grueling, and some workouts I give it my all. If it wasn't for my dad teaching me mental strength in fitness then i'm not too sure I would have been as in love with fitness as I am today. The reason mental strength is so important when it comes to your fitness goals is because without it we would never have the will to keep going. We would never have the desire to go heavier, run faster, or to go for longer periods of time. And that my friend is what it means to have a warrior mindset. Without it, there is no drive to succeed and there's no hunger to go harder even in the moments we think we have nothing left to give. But why do we keep going? Because deep down we love beating down the weaker version that cries out to quit and to be weak in pursuit of becoming a stronger version of who we are.

A warrior mindset means getting angry in our moments of weakness because we know deep down, we truly have what it takes to do better. It means embracing pain in that moment because it's the bridge to our strengths. It means believing that our mind will quit before our bodies ever do - and if that's the case, why even quit on ourselves when we could make ourselves proud?

Anybody can be weak. It's easy to give up. But not everyone makes a choice to be strong. Every single time we quit we are creating a habit and a set of standards of what we are willing to accept and who we are willing to become. And not only does that reflect in the gym, but it becomes a reflection of our character & in everything we do in life.

So my question is, what are you going to do to challenge yourself everyday? Who is it you are trying to be? Will you choose to be weak, or will you choose to get comfortable being uncomfortable?

Developing a warrior mindset takes time, but is it worth it?

We think so.

When you decide to not allow failure to become an option, you evolve & become the person worth fighting for.



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