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owners Kevin & Christine Fox

As former certified personal trainers, when we first started out into the fitness industry we had no idea how to transform someones life other than to get them strong through strength training. But after 10+ years of being in the industry, we've learned the ins and outs with not only getting clients the best results, but also on measuring up to professional standards of how a trainer should run a business. You don't run a business without having an evidence based approach that actually works, a loyal team, and a heart for the many lives we get to impact on a day to day basis. So in 2019 as newlyweds we did the unthinkable...we opened up gym called Evolve Athletics. And lucky us, we opened right before a pandemic, haha! Not only was it a great test as newlyweds, but we grew through it, built an amazing team of professional certified personal trainers, and a client base of people who like you just want to feel, look, and live their best life! Today, we are proud to be owners of the fastest growing local gym in Northern Virginia and are blessed to call it our home away from home. Our goal isn't just to build a business but it's to teach people everyday who are just like you to EVOLVE into a fitter, healthier individual without giving up pizza so you too can see sustainable, lasting changes for life & to feel confidence in everything you do!

"Evolve, or remain the same."

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